June 10, 2009

Propa Lang Skilz R Crucial

Like flocks of geese, large groups of people worry me. Ignoring the obvious crowd issues, the bigger problem is when they have too much in common. Every group needs some balance. You’ll end up with a more interesting and functional group.

I exercise at a female only facility. Yeah, there are benefits, but it's strange. I like to talk about twitter (they need to be exposed). Usually this leads to some old fashioned bigotry (regarding twitter, text messages, or online communication). Last time these concerns came up: Poor spelling, social dysfunction, and stupidity. I wondered if I should walk away? Argue (again) that phones and voicemail are an obsolete technology?

I tried to explain why twitter helped communication instead of hurt. I tried comparing text messages to voicemail. Their argument: think of the children. So an 8-year old who things text speak is proper grammar is why you abandon text messaging? A kid victim to cyber stalking is a reason to abandon the Internet? Please.

Characters used = 1,000

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