June 8, 2009

No Pizza For You!

It’s funny how when people don’t want to do something, they bring it to me. Today it’s ordering pizza for a supervisor. I’m no more capable of ordering pizza then he is. He doesn’t want to be bothered. I hate ordering food: for myself, for my family, and especially for other people. I don’t get any, yet I have to stress about getting the right amount, from the right place, at the right cost. I might get some of the cold leftovers but so will everybody else.

I never know how much to get. They like thin crust. I never order thin crust. It's for 53 people. I don’t know 53 people. One restaurant recommends that a 16” thin crust serves 3 people. Yikes! To make it worse, I have to order for two shifts. For someone who hates talking on the phone (see #8 from my
profile), this is a murder of an order.

A lady retired a few years ago. She used to get stuck doing this, but for her it was simple. She didn’t care, worry, or over think it. I envy her, but not enough that I want to be like her.

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