June 11, 2009

You Did A Very Bad Thing

Even though phones are obsolete, I expect you to know how to use them. Here are some examples of things that don’t work (at work).

  1. Not paying attention. If the ringing stops, that’s your cue.
  2. Yelling. Just because you can't hear, doesn’t mean I can't too.
  3. Being rude. I’m sorry your husband cheated on you with your sister, but I'm not to blame.
  4. Vague questions. I don’t know Mike who works in the shop. I need a last name or a department.
  5. Vague ideas. If you don’t know why or whom you’re calling for, WHY did you?
  6. Flirting with the receptionist. It’s creepy.
  7. Calling for no reason. If you could have called him at home, you should have.
  8. Assuming because you called, they have to answer the phone. They do have free will.
  9. Rambling. Be clear, but not specific.
  10. Guessing games. No, I don’t know who this is, don’t have caller ID, and don’t want to play this awkward game.

Most of these apply to work, but I’m sure someone, somewhere feels my pain. Right?

Characters used = 1,000

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