December 1, 2009

Adrian's Revenge

For years I was able to pride myself on a Perfect Driving RecordTM. I had never been pulled over or given a warning. Not even a parking ticket was on my record. Last October, after 12 years, I fixed that. Speeding through a speed trap on the way to work is never recommended. Twenty minutes later, with my first ticket in hand, I was on my way.

There’s no interesting story to go with the ticket. The cop didn’t lecture me and I didn’t argue. It was cut and dry. What was interesting was people's reaction. Most of them were surprise I didn’t cry or use my “womanly assets” to get out of the ticket. I’m not an advocate of same sex rights, but I found this offensive. I sucked it up and took the ticket like a man. The speed trap was lousy, but the ticket was deserved.

Others told me to plead no contest to reduce my points. Pleading no contest is worse than weaseling out of a ticket. If I had gone to court, I would have pleaded guilty. For the record? I paid my ticket in full the next day.

Characters used = 1,000


  1. In full and promptly? Way to stick it to the man. You would do well in a communist regime where obedience to the state is important.

  2. Yes, yes I would. When I was in school, I was proud to be the teacher's pet. I also wanted to wear an uniform.

    I strive for consistency and normalcy. Wild and crazy is overrated.