August 20, 2009

Volunteering; The Emo Edition

Last night I spent five hours standing in the rain serving beer. Voluntarily. It was miserable. I should have been at home sleeping or watching season 7 of Voyager. Instead I was standing in the rain with numb fingers and a drenched hoody. Halfway through the concert (that played late despite the weather), I was questioning why I was there.

I enjoy volunteering and do it often. Even if I receive no perks, I’m happy to do it as long as I’m enjoying myself. When I started working fulltime I made it a priority to continue volunteering. I work longer days or get up early to fit it in. Last night was the first time I regretted volunteering.

This particular gig is annual. I merged into it through my college internship years ago. In the beginning, I knew most of the people and we worked hard. Then they fired our coordinator and many of the other volunteers left. The working volunteers I knew were replaced with drunken strangers. It’s not the same and the rain felt like a twisting knife.

Characters used = 1,000

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