August 17, 2009

Travelling Oldies Style

Since I started working fulltime, the seasons aren’t as crucial. When you were in school, you had large breaks to enjoy. My years now have three seasons: Vacation, Waiting for Vacation, and Returning from Vacation. Obviously, vacation season is the best (but most brief). The longest (both figuratively and literally) is the waiting season. The returning season is painful.

I mention this because in the last month, I have gone through all three seasons twice. I hate readjusting. Eight (work) days after returning from our California trip, we packed up and headed out on our wedding/road trip extravaganza. In seven days, we went to two weddings, two rehearsal dinners, four drinking excursions, three states, and two provinces. Did I mention we drove? We covered 3,000+ miles in 61 hours and spent over $400 in gas.

It was different. Highlights include: the radioactive scan at the boarder, driving through Prince Albert and Drinkwater SK, the cheese humping mouse, and driving in kilometres.

Characters used = 1,000

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