July 30, 2009

Why So Scary?

It’s a new week with a new interesting visitor. Unlike the man in yellow, this guy was bizarre. He looked and smelled like he had just left a bar fight. His eye twitched (or maybe he was winking) and he had visible bruises. He talked about how he was from Arizona and needed a job. After I explained to him that we would be slow through the summer, he asked to leave his resume. (This is normal.) I didn’t think he had one on his person, but he proved me wrong. He dug through scraps of paper in his wallet and produced a ripped, folded note. It was covered in a grayish powder. I decided to photocopy it for him.

He then proceeded to ask if he could get food from our cafeteria (we have no food and I’m not letting you wander around in our shop). He settled for water from the cooler. Fine. After reading his resume? All the jobs listed are from 2007 (or earlier) and located in Racine. He also listed taking “General Courses” at my high school. His address? It doesn’t exist. Colour me confused.

Characters used = 1,000


  1. a walden graduate with his resume in his wallet? that truly must have been a sight to be seen.

  2. It's amazing what people will do. I have had people come in to a professional office in sweat pants and a hoodie wanting to fill out an application with iPod ear buds in...

    Why would you A: Fill out an application instead of leaving a reume, this isn't Walmart. B: think you could at least toss on some jeans and Polo shirt?

    I like your blog, it was a stumble. A thumbs up for you.