July 15, 2009

The Day The Car (Almost) Died

I dislike pumping gas. It’s included in my disdain for cars. See also: driving, repairing, and paying for. Unfortunately, Racine has lousy public transportation. Contrary to popular belief, I can and do drive. I just don’t fill the car up with gas. I get other people to do it (don’t judge). I have a phobia about it and I choose to avoid it when possible.

Having said that, we have an older car I like to drive. The gas gauge doesn’t work spectacularly. I last drove it at 2 a.m. and didn’t want to get gas then. I vowed I would the next time. Before anyone gets uppity, I realise it’s important to the car's maintenance.

Problem: The car barely started. Insert expletives here. Once it did, gas was direly needed. I went to the station on Spring St. Let it be known, I was glad to be going downhill. The car died at the stoplights before the gas station and I had to coast to the gas pump (while sweet talking the car). This was the first time I was happy to be there. I think the car agreed.

Characters used = 1,000


  1. This is one of my worst fears. Especially since I too have an older car. That I can't totally fill because my gas tank leaks. And I can't let it get under quarter tank because it chugs. ;-) Kim

  2. I always look really stupid talking to my car. Mainly because I get way over excited about it.

    I hate pumping gas too. I always feel like I'm standing there so overexposed.