June 7, 2009

People Suck; Home Edition

We live in a condo. Our building has 10 units. There are 2 on each end and 4 on each side. There are common sense rules for living in a condo. The typical be kind to your neighbour and be courteous to your surroundings junk. Normally things are good, but they're never perfect. Currently someone’s blasting beep bop music as if they lived in a barn. It's impossible to tell who’s to blame. Worse is our condo association’s solution: Call them and let them handle it. Which is great except they only work 8-4 during the week.

I talk to our neighbours in passing and they complain about it too. Yet no one’s to blame. How does that work? The only neighbour I trust is the 86-year old in the unit below us. He told us he doesn’t like to be disturbed. He also sits at his window to make sure no one parks in his assigned spot. A few months after we moved in (and periodically since) he asked if we still lived here because he couldn't hear us. I wonder: Could the least likely suspect be the guilty one?

Characters used = 1,000

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