May 5, 2009

My Dog Is Better Than Your Dog

Pet Owners. I find them fascinating. Over the weekend, I guess my boss’ neighbour’s dog was attacked and killed by another neighbour’s pit bull. Chaos ensued. As an outsider (AKA a non pet owner) it’s hard to have the same emotions. Two dogs mauling each other doesn’t seem weird to me. It sounds natural. I would imagine survival of the fittest also applies to dogs. Granted, it’s sad when anything innocent dies, but both dogs had equal opportunity. Others at work had a more...violent take. I overheard and I quote: “If that dog had attacked my dog, I would have killed it. I would have killed it and thrown it in the pond. Or burned it.”

I get that pets are like children for some people. What I don’t get is how this can turn into homicidal rage. Protecting a pet or a child is natural. Wanting to kill and burn something, anything, is disturbing. Maybe I won’t get it until I have a pet or child of my own. Until then, I’m going to hope like crazy that psychosis is not a normal side effect.

Characters used = 1,000


  1. My dog is my only sibling. Life was lonely until she came around!

  2. The only dog my family had died when I was a year old. I did, however, appreciate my pet bunny. :)