May 1, 2009

Behave Or Your Pens Are Mine

One of my responsibilities is buying office supplies. As many know, this is obnoxious and often difficult. People are stupid and irrational when it comes to their crap. I’m not sure who’s worse: the paranoid user who needs 20 in stock to be safe, or the inflexible user who needs brand names. I can forget I’m dealing with grown adults. I especially love finding messy ink cartridges on my desk when a note would suffice.

These days I need permission for everything I buy. It is stressful. I need to price it out, keep it reasonable, get it approved, and keep everything in stock. I get zero love or help when I run out. Trust me, it is sad.

This week our paper ran out. Normally we buy it on sale and order enough for 6 months. Unfortunately, 6 months in this economy could mean zero to hero and back. Never mind getting $700 approved. I revised my normal order, cut it in half, and made my plea. Today, May 1, I rejoice. For today I ordered paper. It seems dramatic, but I’m honestly excited.

Characters used = 1,000


  1. That's awesome. I know the feeling. Our school ran out of paper too. I never want to ask for supplies, cause I know we have NO money!

  2. I'm worried a lot of users are hording supplies, which makes it worse... Have the kids draw on themselves. They’re reusable. ;)

    PS: The paper came today! I wish I could share.