May 26, 2009

I'm Not Listening, Not Anymore

I sit outside of the president’s office. Let me be the first to tell you nothing interesting happens in there. Most of the time I forget he’s there. With so many noises in the office, you learn to hone in on specific ones while ignoring others. I do this because I don’t want to be burdened with what happens in there (ignorance is bliss). It’s also none of my business.

Some of his visitors are harder to ignore. Their unfamiliar voices carry well. I catch sound bites. My favourite are the ones who are aware of me. “I should probably be quiet.” (Or maybe you shouldn't be saying it at all or saying it somewhere else.) Regardless, I don’t care. There’s only been a few times where I left because I was uncomfortable.

Considering I had a lovely long Memorial weekend, I’m cranky today. The gossip and politics are bothering me more than normal. Not even my Brobee or twitter are cheering me up today. My new wallpaper helped the most. I enjoy my wallpaper collection even if no one else does.

Characters used = 1,000

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