May 19, 2009

And Did It My Way

Tech support calls are challenging. It's a call no one wants to make and a job no one wants to work. Today, it was unavoidable. I send the payroll for the company through ADP’s site. It requires a digital cert. Mine expired and I wasn't notified because they had issues.

The Princess is in charge of payroll and made the initial call. She passed the call to me and they sent an e-mail to follow. No problem. Except I hit an error before I could download the cert. Princess calls again and tells me to stay on the phone until it's resolved. The second tech was worthless. She didn’t listen and seemed annoyed when it didn’t work. I explained it again. She randomly reset my password. She had no clue. I got a case number and hung up. Half an hour with her was enough.

Princess was annoyed with me. Having to call a third time was a major inconvenience. Apparently I was supposed to be aggressive and demand someone else. Or not. I got the problem resolved with the third tech without being rude.

Characters used = 1,000

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