April 28, 2009

Another One?

There comes a point in time when everyone around you is seemingly having babies. Obviously, the whole event is exciting. The news, details, and pictures are shared. Which brings me to my point. Are most newborns strange looking? It could be me. Maybe my fear comes to the surface. Strange new creature! Dependant on you! Run away! Or maybe, it’s the availability of pictures.

Facebook has allowed far too many pictures to be posted. I'm used to perfectly lit and posed baby pictures. Instead I’m seeing every day pictures full of snarling, drooling, crying babies. The easiest solution is to not look. However my Facebook feed taunts me like a car wreck. I think why not. Then, as I’m clicking through, I’m assaulted with baby spit up and parental nudity (I’m not old enough!). Suddenly I’m scarred for life.

I’m hoping when (and it is when) I have my own, I’m hit over the head with the SQUEES! You know, everything the baby does is delightful and amazing? If so, I hope I keep it unpublished.

Characters used = 1,000


  1. ha, you're too funny =)

  2. Trauma is not funny! Why can’t everyone be a sensible parent (and facebook user) like you?