April 7, 2009

Why Fake It?

Election day! I never knew there were so many wonderful things to vote on. Today there's voting for a superintendent, clerk, trustee, and Supreme Court justice (not counting unchallenged positions). I’m dragging the SO to the voting poll after work. (Ironically it’s my sister’s church. Apparently separation of church/state was lost on somebody.)

My brother commented about how new citizens seem to appreciate voting. I worked hard for this. Of all the rights granted to me through naturalization, voting was the most significant. I also have the right to carry a U.S. passport, work in a federal capacity, serve on a jury, or petition for family members.

Voting has always been something I wanted to do. For years, my citizenship was the obstacle. After I was sworn in, it was easy to register. Unlike age or residency, they didn’t require proof. After all the hoops, money, and forms I had to fill out, I half expected something.

I guess the proof is that I was never charged with voting fraud.

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