April 6, 2009

Please Don't Tease

I wish I could be a tourist everyday. I enjoy it more than I should. I go on any tours or behind the scenes event I can find. A few years ago Racine ran a program where you could get an adult, behind the scenes tour. Awesome! It was of the library, art museum, and public museum but I still went. It was more interesting then you'd think. Bonus: wine was provided.

There's news that the Wolverine movie was leaked. I admit I’m not overly jazzed to see the movie. Having said that, there’s something about seeing an imperfect movie. I’m one of those freaks. I watch for images that have been reversed or scene continuity. My SO learned never to watch a subtitled French movie with me (I wish I remembered enough to listen to the French dialog! It’d be so nice.)

People speculate it’s a marketing stunt. Are we seeing something exciting? Or what they want us to see? Talk has been favourable towards the movie, but part of me that hopes this isn’t a ploy. I’m tired of Hollywood deciding what I view.

Characters used = 1,000


  1. Have you ever been to the Winchester House in San Jose? It's an amazing place, and they have two tours, the regular one (which I took) and the behind-the-scenes one (which I'm taking next time I go). Each tour takes a couple of hours, so you'll have to get a really early start if you want to do them both in the same day.

  2. Tours like that are the only reason I would get up early. Trust me, I don't wake up early for many things. That sounds amazing!