April 1, 2009

This One's For You

Oh sneezing. It brings out the strangest behaviour in people. You have social, health, and religious ramifications associated with it. Plus the fact you can’t sneeze with your eyes open? Annoying.

I sneeze a lot, usually in threes. Allergies are funny like that. I have learned that "cute" sneezes are impossible for me, or that I shouldn’t sneeze directly into my hands (ugh). I can keep my car steady while sneezing and sometimes can will a sneeze away. What I haven’t figured out is how to be ignored.

The thing I hate most about sneezing is the attention it attracts. People comments, stare, and/or move away. I wish they could also ignore. I've brought enough attention to the fact I have to sneeze; you don’t need to acknowledge it.

I know the polite thing is to bless me. I appreciate the thought. There’s always one in the crowd. They don’t have to be anywhere nearby but they have to say it. Have to bring yet more attention to me. I guess there are worse things then being over-blessed.

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