March 31, 2009

The Period Has It

I think I’ve found a new way for my mild Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to shine through. The idea of this blog was to keep the update short and easy to read. I randomly decided at 1,000 characters. I considered doing 1,400 (10 X the amount of twitter), but felt that wasn’t necessary. Besides, 1,000 is a nice, even number. Monk would approve.

As I write and edit to fit my updates to my self-imposed restrictions, I find myself pushing for exactly 1,000. It annoys me. It pleases me. Beyond my own personal preferences, I don’t know if it matters.

Unlike Monk, I’m not plagued by OCD, although it’s appeal is strong. I like things even, straight, or matching. Perfection is appealing, but the work to achieve it is not. Luckily, I’m not plagued with the anxiety of someone who truly suffers. OCD has strangely become part of everyday language. Maybe it’s because we’re sensitive to reoccurring patterns?

Whatever the case, I’m going prove I’m not a slave to it. This update? Won’t be 1,000

Characters used = 999

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