April 16, 2009

Sucking Machines

Why do vending machines suck? After a decade, we got new machines in the shop (I miss the “Hot Foods!” machine). Excited, I convince myself to try them out. First item I try is labeled $0.70. Other items agree with this pricing scheme. Error; machine says this item should be $0.85. Nothing is $0.85! Frustrated, since I only have $0.80, I pick something else. Success! This one is programmed correctly. It starts to vend and gets snagged. Really? This still happens?

The machines are in the shop. Complete with a walk and safety glasses. I go back to search for money. (I don’t understand why people abandon their stuck items. I always find a way to buy it; I hate feeling like the machine has won. Even if it means two trips for an item I didn’t want.)

Third try was successful. I got both my items. It feels a bit like a failure, worse than the wheel of death (those sandwiches tempt fate). The true winner here is my SO. He got the spoils of my “war”. He didn’t even know he wanted Peanut M&Ms.

Character used = 1,000

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