April 20, 2009

Crack Me Not

I went to a chiropractor for three months. I loved them very much. In the beginning, I saw results. As the treatments diminished, so did my progress. I ended up with no new friends and little success. (I had high hopes for both.) At best, I can claim the pain is different. At worse, I can recognize the pain is still there. Unfortunately the cure is more treatment.

As much as I like my chiropractor, I don’t want to put his kids through college. I can’t afford the monthly maintenance and honestly don’t think I should need it. I’m not old. I’m not even old enough to be bothered by old jokes. I try to sleep, sit, and stand correctly. (At lot can be blamed on work. I sit at a desk, starring at a monitor, answering phones all day. I get it.)

For now, I’m going to ignore his calls. The monthly maintenance isn't covered by insurance. I’ve also stopped cradling my phone and put my monitor in line with my keyboard. These steps should help. I just wish there was a better (cheaper) solution.

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