April 3, 2009

Llama Sit!

The drama llama strikes again. To be fair I set myself up for this. I made a rookie mistake. A visitor came in for a scheduled appointment. I recognized him and asked for a refresher on his name (I’m terrible with names). He asked for llama and I went to get him. Problem? Llama’s name is rather common. So common we have 8 with the same first name. Three of those are involve with purchasing. Rookie mistake: I assumed I knew which employee to get.

Fine. I made a mistake. Had this been a non-drama coworker, I could have apologized and returned to my visitor for clarification. Unfortunately llama wanted to come tease him. It was all too tempting. I begged llama to stay at his desk (I honestly did) but he said he wanted to have some fun. Fun at other people’s expense is not cool. I really need to remember Mr. Generic next time. Since I remember why I can’t assume.

As a side note: The more common your name, the less likely I’ll remember it. The name that gives me the most grief...is Mike.

Characters used = 1,000

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