April 22, 2009

What Was Your Name Again?

Most days I can’t decide which is better: Caller ID or no Caller ID. At home, it’s amazing. We might pick up every tenth call (if we feel like it). Work is another story. Assuming can get me into trouble. With that in mind, some stuff is Need To Know (like the owner or an important customer).

After 5 years, I still question myself occasionally. Today was one of those days. I received a very friendly call and I'm not positive from who. I should know. I think I knew. Which leaves me with a dilemma: Ask and look like a jerk. Guess and screen the wrong person to my boss. I went with the latter, but I walked down and warned her. Caller ID would have eliminated the need to guess. I can’t be on my A-game everyday. I never found out if I was right.

I like to think that not having it makes me a better receptionist. I have to answer every call the same. It keeps me on my toes. I can’t be nicer when I know it’s the owner calling. At least this is what I tell myself as I slowly lose my mind.

Characters used = 1,000

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