March 30, 2009

You Will Not Win

We have a few guys in the office. One is nicknamed Drama Llama, for good reason. One Friday afternoon I left my receptionist post to visit (it gets lonely).

This annoyed him. We have no caller ID so each call is new and potentially important. He decided to call the office from his cell. Several times. Hanging up each time. This happens occasionally so I didn’t think much of it. When it kept happening, it was obvious it was intentional. See also freaky.

Finally he burst out laughing and fessed up. He said I was talking too much and I should get back to work. Oh. Clever llama. Prank calls stopped being cool in 6th grade. I wanted to report him for misuse of the company phone. I could have missed an important call while dealing him. Plus it was upsetting.

I didn’t report him but my revenge has been passively sweet. I don’t screen his calls anymore, nor do I page him. He gets any telemarketer, cold call, or salesmen I can justify. Don’t mess with the receptionist; I’ll win in the end.

Characters used = 1,000


  1. Does he know that he's called the Drama Llama? If he does, the next time he annoys you, you can tell him, "Eat your HAM."*

    *Napoleon Dynamite reference, where he's feeding his llama.

  2. He does know I call him that (he's DL for short). However, I've never seen Napoleon Dynamite. It's on my list of Movies I Will Never See(TM). :)