March 25, 2009


Today someone in the shop collapsed. Emergencies services were called and rendered. As terrible as it sounds, it was the most exciting part of my day. I was disappointed the ambulance went to the CORRECT door. Had they came in the door near me, I could have taken pictures. Probably would have too. The fact this crossed my mind? Terrible. My dad says I should get a new job that “challenges and excites me”. My job isn’t the problem. It’s the fact we have no work. When we had work, I was entertained. This is hardly the time to jump ship for more excitement.

Regardless, it sounds like our dedicated employee will be fine. He’s being kept overnight for observation. Ironically, he moved to 1st shift today (originally on 2nd) after his 3-week layoff. The poor guy lasted through lunch before having a seizure. Everyone here is concerned about trauma to his head. Lately people with head injuries have not fared well. My new motto is don’t touch my head! (It used to be hair; I extended the area.)

Characters used = 1,000

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