March 17, 2009

Short, Fresh, & Sometimes Meaty

Colour me inspired. For a while I’ve been interested in starting a blog. Problem: Most of what I say isn’t interesting. I also tend to be long-winded (I get excited!). Ironically I graduated in Technical Communications. Our motto: Write only what’s important and in as few words as possible. I did well in the program, but outside of its confines, old habits emerged. Enter twitter, 140 characters or less. I was challenged. I was hooked. Alas a blog twitter does not make. Unless...I modified it.

Solution: All the cool kids seem to use twitter as an extension of their blog. I want to use it as twitter enhanced. Keep it random, familiar, and brief. I think I'll aim for 1,000 characters or LESS. Unlike in school, where you had a minimum to write, I'm bringing back my program's rule of a maximum. If I need more than 1,000 characters, it's just proof I need to be more concise. Topics are the same as my twitter: Anything related to my immigration, work as a receptionist, or sleeping desires.

Characters used = 1,000

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