April 12, 1983

Profile Me

  1. I’ve never had a blog before and hate the word.
  2. I became an U.S. citizen on October 30, 2008 after much stressful waiting.
  3. I love to vote. It doesn’t matter if it’s for an election, survey, or sleazy poll.
  4. My middle name is Rose and I love it. I also love using middle names to honour your family (leaving your first name to be “unique”).
  5. I love taking pictures of my food, your food, and stranger’s food. It makes me happy. Deal with it.
  6. Fashion has always been a mystery to me. I keep my clothing simple to avoid any potential faux pas.
  7. I have a total of three piercing. All in my ears. I feel balanced with three and don’t plan to get any more. Having four (matching) never appealed to me.
  8. Having said that I love things even, balanced, and matching. I also love contradictions.
  9. I believe it’s colder in Wisconsin then in Northern Alberta. That’s my opinion, not a fact.
  10. I adore twitter and all it’s randomness.
  11. People who don’t get twitter sadden me.
  12. I’ve been a receptionist for over 4 years and love it. After my first week, I decided I would be happy working as a receptionist until I retired.
  13. I hate “life-goals” and “career-planning”. Where’s the fun in that? Save money. Go with the flow. Live life.
  14. When I took my job they told me it was a “stepping stone” and that I was over qualified. Now I’m not qualified for a raise.
  15. When I started working as a receptionist, I hated talking on the phone. This hasn’t changed.
  16. People like to forget I have a college degree. It’s an Associates Degree. I worked hard for it. It counts.
  17. I have no desire to go back for further education. I rather get me some street education.
  18. She’ll never know, but her blog inspired me: http://captainhambone.typepad.com/ (see also her about section).
  19. A twitter follower and blogger motivated me to blog: http://beautifulfunnysadandtrue.com He may find out.
  20. I believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
  21. I never claim to be original or creative. Just friendly.
  22. I do most of my writing at work. Reason number 156 why I love my job.
  23. I despise moving but dream of living in a foreign country one day. You know, other than the current one.
  24. I dislike people taking my picture without permission.
  25. I avoid putting any pictures of myself up on the Internet because I’m paranoid.
  26. I have a real picture of me on my twitter account. (It’s rather dated.)
  27. As a kid, I swore I would never leave home.
  28. I purchased a condo with my SO in October 2005 and have never regretted it.
  29. I like to bake. I don’t bake as often now that I have to wash my own dishes.
  30. I recently started cooking dinner. I like things that are simple and don’t involve handling raw meat.
  31. Curry night is my favourite night of the week. Even if it’s not every week.
  32. It involves chicken, but I buy it frozen and pretend it’s not raw.
  33. To my sister’s disappointment, I order chicken at practically every meal.
  34. I think I’m funny, even if no body else does.
  35. If something I said sounds mean, it wasn’t. It’s likely you misunderstood me.
  36. The more you harass me to do something, the less likely I am to do it.
  37. I despise peer pressure. Unless its used as encouragement to finish your beer.
  38. I’m a classic middle child. Deal with it. It’s likely your fault.
  39. There are actually four of us kids so I’m not a true middle child.
  40. I refused to do Facebook’s 25 things about you! It annoyed me and I didn’t want to share with my friends on Facebook.
  41. I don’t know why since I love doing stupid surveys like that.
  42. Sisko is my favourite Star Trek captain. I know this is controversial.
  43. I truly believe Star Trek has all the best TV couples.
  44. I enjoy buying fun t-shirts. I adore every single one of them.
  45. Layering t-shirts is the only fashion tread I’ve liked and adopted.
  46. My condo is pet-free. This gladdens me.
  47. Sometimes I wish I had a rabbit. They make the best pets ever.
  48. My SO’s uncle believes rabbits are afraid of everything and incapable of loving. We’re argued about this more than once.
  49. I get into some strange arguments. None of which include politics or religion.
  50. If Zombies ever attacked, I believe they would win in the end. Even if it’s the slow kind.
  51. Just in case, we have a Zombie defense plan. (I wish I were kidding.)
  52. Even though the entire process is frightening, I want to have kids. If I have a middle child? This will be my favourite child.
  53. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever feel like a grown up. Most days I don’t care.
  54. I want a Scottish accent. More than you’ll ever know.
  55. I love wearing my hair tied back. I don’t care if you like it better down.
  56. I’ve had some form of bangs my entire life. I briefly tried growing them out. I did not enjoy this process.
  57. My hair is naturally a shade of dirty blond. My eyebrows don’t match.
  58. Coincidentally? They match right now because I dyed my hair “ebony-brown”. I like it even if no one noticed it was different.
  59. I’m a notoriously bad speller. Sometimes even the spelling check can’t guess what I was trying to write. Please forgive me in advance.
  60. I went to college for Technical Writing. Loved the program. Hated the field.
  61. I got the second highest grade in our proofreading class. Don’t ask me how.
  62. I sat next to the person who had the highest grade in proofreading. This is a strange coincidence.
  63. I was the youngest in my program in college. Most of my classmates had children older than me.
  64. We still hang out. I love our annual dinner. I call it my night out with the old folks.
  65. I have a hard time making friends with people the same age as me.
  66. Most of my friends are the older than me. This doesn’t change the fact that they are awesome.
  67. I miss our friends from the SO’s college. They are amazing, but live too far away. (This doubly applies to my old high school friends who are further away.)
  68. My mom and hang out regularly. Whether for a beer or a show, we have a good time. This is how we roll.
  69. I still giggle at the number 69. It’s not that funny. (See number 53.)
  70. I watch a lot of TV. It makes me happy.
  71. Sleep also makes me happy. I’m working on finding a way to get paid for it.
  72. I’m not a fan of trying new things. Especially when it comes to food. I’m fine with missing out.
  73. I spent most of the afternoon working on this. The old me would have felt guilty. The new me doesn’t care.
  74. I like to play both sides of a debate. The reason is because I don’t believe a debate can even be won.
  75. This is probably why I suck at debates and sports. I think it’s because I don’t enjoy competition.
  76. The only sports team I was truly a member of was floor hockey. It rocked.
  77. They don’t play enough hockey here. Or curling for that matter.
  78. I was once in a family-curling league. We lost every match. I still enjoyed it.
  79. I hate public speaking. I avoid it at all costs.
  80. People used to think I was quiet. Being a receptionist has helped change that. Twitter has probably made it worse.
  81. I love talking to my visitors at work. Even the sales people.
  82. I dubbed last year (2008) as a year of firsts. I tried and did many new things. I know this contradicts number 72, but I never said I enjoyed it.
  83. I look young for my age. It seems to run in the family. I will appreciate this fact when I’m older.
  84. I worry people won’t enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
  85. With that in mind, I remind myself that only my opinion matters. It makes me feel better.
  86. I don’t believe in tanning. In fact, I’m very against tanning. Proud to be pasty! Join me!
  87. I hate wearing sun block, but I do it anyways. I own three different kinds.
  88. We go on an annual trip to Florida. Because of all the sun block I come back whiter. It happens.
  89. Time is not my friend. There is no good excuse to be late, yet it’s a bad habit of mine.
  90. In two years, I haven’t had a work review. When I do, they will mention the fact that I’m always late. I rationalize it because my boss is always late too.
  91. I found my dream job. It’s not here, but it involves being a receptionist. I’m keeping it on the back burners.
  92. I got my current job because of my SO. Everyone here has some kind of connection.
  93. I’ve dated my SO for almost ten years. Without any breaks. I’m proud of that. < 3
  94. Don’t ask when we’re getting married. I won’t answer.
  95. When I’m rich? I will never drive again. Driving bores me.
  96. My driving record is perfect. I give them no excuse to pull me over. So far this has worked to my advantage.
  97. Despite the fact I hate traveling, I want to do more. I enjoy being a tourist entirely too much.
  98. Most people struggle to reach 100. I think twitter has rotted my brain in such a way that random facts or statements are easy. This could be problematic.
  99. Easter is my favourite holiday: Spring, chocolate, bunnies, and ducks. It has success written all over it.
  100. I believe in the underdog.


  1. Good stuff! But does what I think really matter? (see #85) ;)

  2. Ironically, I do like feedback (and appreciate it). I especially like the good stuff. See #8!

  3. I (heart) your profile, it makes me want to right my own. Its also nice to know someone out there likes layered t-shirts as much as I do!
    - RR

  4. Thank you! I'm glad to hear you prove #84 wrong. This whole blogging thing is a weird experience. So is layering t-shirts, but I'm going to stick with both!