March 18, 2009

The Princess vs The Dinosaur

Office wars are common. Two in particular are constantly going at it. Swears, insults, and petty actions are common. This week it’s over the fax machine area. One lady (Princess) has been assigned to 5S it. The other (Dinosaur) likes it the way it is. One afternoon everything was suddenly pretty and standardized.

Princess warned me hell would break loose when she left. Dinosaur patiently waited until she left. Then approached me. I’ve been lucky, staying neutral when possible. She wants to know where the binder clips are. I mentioned Princess moved them. Wrong. Thing. To. Say. After some colourful language, slamming of office products, and a classic rant I sneak away.

Today everything was put back to 5S compliance. It’s quiet until Princess leaves. Dinosaur goes into action. A rant ensues over the defenseless stapler. Then the comment that sums it up: If she wants to take my stuff away she can but every morning it’ll be back where I want it. See if she can stop me.

Duly noted.

Characters used = 1,000

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