March 19, 2009

Passive-Aggressive This!

I wanted to write a post about how as a receptionist, lying now comes easy to me. I started to research a trait I’m often accused of: passive aggression. Even with Wikipedia’s questionable research, I can see why I’m accused of it. However, it seems difficult to diagnose or to recognize in oneself. Plus, depending on how you define it, it can apply to practically everyone or no one. Maybe it's the disorder of the day.

If nothing else, it should be considered a coping technique. In which case, can you fault someone for it? Sometimes we need to cope. It's better than the alternative. (So says the self-coined, passive-aggressive middle child.) My favourite opinion I read was we should consider calling an ass an ass. It’s more to the point and likely more accurate.

I’m also a passive driver. Hate on me for that if you must, but I have a perfect driving record. No accidents, no parking tickets, and never been pulled over. However... it proves to be the slower way to get from point A to B.

Character used = 1,000

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