June 8, 2011

Put Me In A Room, Distraction Less

Procrastination is contagious. Here’s a list of 25 things I should be doing (in no particular order): 
  1. Cleaning my house.
  2. Going to bed at a normal time.
  3. Changing my name on my credit cards (last thing!).
  4. Updating this blog.
  5. Writing back to a foreign exchange friend (from October).
  6. Spending the last of my gift cards.
  7. Writing my cousin back (from May).
  8. Designing a poster for my work.
  9. Dying my hair (priorities).
  10. Cleaning my car (to sell it).
  11. Planning a game night (it was never promised).
  12. Visiting my family in Canada (that was promised).
  13. Learning Norwegian (seriously).
  14. Clothing shopping for a trip next month (see #6, hmmm).
  15. Going strawberry picking (missed it last year).
  16. Emptying my e-mail inbox (is 300 unread too many?).
  17. Getting to work on time (see #2).
  18. Watching the end of Prison Break (that show ended?).
  19. Reading my book (from 6 months ago).
  20. Baking cookies (per request).
  21. Finishing this list.
Characters used = 1,000.


  1. Glad I'm #7 on the list...that means a response should be soon-ish! :)

  2. Also, I have 10800 unread emails..so don't feel too bad about your 300