June 6, 2011

Get On The Plane, It's Fine. It's Fine.

I love gore. Every good movie should have a touch of it. I know I should like movies with happy endings, but those are the movies I can't stomach (or believe). Horror movies have a familiar pace and tone I enjoy. I've often said that all good movies have at least one proper decapitation. It may be surprising that there's three on-screen events I can't stand to watch.
  1. People getting injected with needles. (Why do they always need to show close-ups of it?)
  2. Teeth falling out. (The thought of this seriously keeps me up at night. Especially after one of my teeth broke and needed to be repaired.)
  3. Vomiting. (Enough said.)
Serial killers who take you while you sleep? Psychopaths who enjoy torturing you? Ghosts who want to seek revenge? Sounds like a good time. Just don't touch my teeth.

PS: The horror movie that stuck with me the longest? The one I refuse to watch again? Final Destination. The movie wasn't scary to watch, but the idea that death would hunt me down still scares me.

Characters used = 1,000.

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