March 1, 2010

Take A Look And Really Weigh That

I found a new way to geek out! People assume that geeks speak the same language. They group us as a generic subclass to be envied or ignored. I like many geeky things; conventions, super hero movies, Star Trek, social networking. Other things, like math, programming, science, or comic books, I have no interest in. To make matters worse, my SO is an IT Manager. They try to bypass him and get me to solve their technical problems. Sure, I have a better grasp of computers than they do, but I can’t fix their computer because my SO can.

Regardless, I love to bake. I got a digital scale and made the move to baking by weight instead of by volume. There is a learning curve, but I’m hooked. My biggest problem is many recipes don’t offer weight measurements. My stupidest realisation is that a cup of flour weights less than a cup of sugar. It makes sense, but it never occurred to me. I love not having to use different measuring cups and the precision I get. It pleases my inner cynic and my OCD.

Characters used = 1,000.

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