February 19, 2010

Want Me Outta My Head

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my head lately. Earlier this week I was thinking of things I liked starting with the same letter. This led me to find three things I liked for each letter of the alphabet.

Afternoons, Airports, Aprons
Baking, Bed, Breakfast
Chauffeurs, Chicken, Conventions
Disneyworld, Ducks, Dull Days
Easter, Eating Out, Estates Sales
Farscape, Foreigners, Frosting
Game Shows, Google, Grumpy Men
Hockey, Horror Movies, Hot Tea
Indian Food, International Influences, (Teh) Intraweb
Japanese Culture, Journals, Jury Duty
Kilties, Klingons, Knights
Laziness, Lemons, Lotion
Microbrews, Midnight, Multi-Tasking
Naps, Necklaces, Nut-Free
Oatmeal, Overcast, Oxen
Pajamas, Pigeons, Pumpkins
Questions, Quinoa, Quips
Rabbits, Receptionists, Road Trips
Sci-Fi, Scrabble, Showers
Tomorrow, Topperstix, Tourists
Understatements, Umbrellas, Uniforms
Vacations, Volunteering, Voting
X-Rated, Xenophoes, Xmas
Yetis, Yo Gabba Gabba, Yoopers
Zombies, Zoos, Zucchini

Characters used = 1,000

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