October 19, 2009

Kids Are Trading Cards, Right?

For most people, the decision to move is a major one. It requires thought, planning, and money. It means leaving everything behind and starting a new life. There are good reasons to move. It could be for a new job, health concerns, or because a fortune cookie dared you. People move all the time. But don't fool yourself. While it doesn’t change who you are, it does change you.

Someone who shall remain nameless, let’s call him “Dad”, had the bright idea to move this weekend. What was his reasoning? Three out of four of his kids don’t live here. He didn’t see the sense of staying in Racine for one kid. No other considerations crossed his mind. Apparently you can snap your fingers and be in another city. (If only it were that simple.) It’s possible I’m jealous; his whole life would move with him. How's that possible? Hint: it’s his television.

I should be happy he considered me at all. Traditionally he hasn’t. Sorry Dad, I’m too horrified that you pitted your kids against each other.

Characters used = 1,000

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