July 6, 2009

Work Smart, Work S-Mart

This week I’m covering for Order Processing. I was trained all last week on who to notify if a firm release was pushed up and how to check vendor’s websites. It’s easy work. I may obsess a bit about screwing up an order, but that’s normal. My biggest problem is everyone else. The lady who trained me told everyone she would be off this week, that I would be filling in for her, and to not to worry about a thing. Two department heads called me this morning confused. “So, uh, what exactly are you doing? We weren’t trained on this.”

I’m covering the mass majority of the order processing. Other than the odd balls, they don't have to do anything. Yet they’re confused. How do you reassure them without beating them over the heads? I wonder if a third e-mail would help them.

Regardless, I’m happy to report that the hardest day is over. Monday has a metric ton of new production releases to go through and verify. The next four days combined might be equal to today’s stack, but it’s unlikely.

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