July 1, 2009

Red And White All Over?

Oh Canada Day, you’re at the same time every year, aren’t you? I look forward to it, even if I have no way to recognise it. Patriotism is a strange thing. It’s even stranger when you have no one to celebrate with. (Maybe I feed off others like a pride vampire?) How do you celebrate a country? There are obviously no parades or fireworks here in America. I didn’t even wear Red and White like my mom. At best, I'll wish everyone a Happy Canada Day. It brings up questions but I generally enjoy fielding them. The biggest thing to remember is that it’s not a day of independence; think of it more like a birthday.

It also opens me up to the standard Canadian jokes. I think those wore thin in 2002. I was involved in a discussion today about pizza. I didn’t contribute because it was boring. Someone decided this must be because we didn’t have pizza in Canada. Surely I was confused. I didn't bother coming up with a witty response (if I had, imagine something witty about Canadian pizza toppings).

Characters used = 1,000

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  1. Dont worry, i was in the middle of France for Canada day so i didnt get to celebrate either.
    Also, when i told someone i didnt have my drivers license they asked me if it was a "Canadian thing". I should have said yes just to mess with them. There was a girl i met from Calgary who told people we said "Moose!" instead of "Cheers!" in Canada, haha. You should start spreading that around!