June 24, 2009

Maybe It's Just Me

Signs you’ve been a receptionist too long:

  1. You make small talk with strangers even when not being paid.
  2. You know how long it takes before a telemarketer will hang up after being put on hold.
  3. You forget you don’t have real office walls. ("People can see through the glass?")
  4. You answer every phone call with “good morning!” even when you’re not at work.
  5. You end your sentences with “one moment please” without realizing it.
  6. You get protective of lobbies and parking lots.
  7. You forget your home phone doesn’t have a hold button or a direct to voicemail button.
  8. You’re comfortable with old men flirting with you and come to expect it.
  9. You associate numbers with people and vice versa.
  10. You recognize telemarketers by their voice. ("Oh Tom, thanks for trying again today.")
  11. You make up fictional people to make your job easier.
  12. You know how to fake taking a phone message.
  13. Your sentences all end with an upswing.
  14. You consider salesmen friends.

Characters used = 1,000

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