May 12, 2009

Et Tu, Facebook?

Everyone knows I like twitter. I enjoy the random, semi-personal aspect of it. I don’t, however like Facebook. It fills me with regret, angst, and doubt. Facebook reminds me of school when you had to pick a group. I was plagued that they may not want to play with me. It brings back those memories; connects me with old friends, classmates, and bullies. Because of this, I wait for a friend request. I figure it means they want to play.

Today, I boldly sought someone out. While searching, I came across another name. A name that should be in blue, only it was black. I was removed! I spent most of junior high with this guy. We had a falling out, but later became Facebook friends. He has over 400 friends, yet singled me out. I’m not the most prolific user, but to burn me again?

It's proof I need to spend less time worrying about old friends. Being friends 15 years ago doesn’t mean we have anything in common now. Twitter is customized to my interests, not who I feel obligated to talk to.

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