January 29, 2010

This One's For You Mike Or A Man, A Plan

This week marked the anniversary of a friend’s death. His story was a sad one and sufficient to say it's still weighs heavily. The SO and I celebrated his life the best way we knew how: By mocking him. Cleverly. Respectfully. It was genius (despite the fact it came out of a night of drinking).

Mike was a strange, cranky, and stubborn guy. He worked hard and would call your bullshit out with colourful language. He was funny and fiercely loyal. He died three years ago from complications of untreated diabetes. It was a senseless, slow, and painful death. He slipped into a coma a day before his 50th birthday and never woke up.

For reasons unknown, he wore the same thing everyday; long sleeve white shirt and navy Dockers. He literally owned 50 of each. It was quirky. We decided to emulate him to remember him. Dressed in Mike’s finest, we came to work. Since he worked at our company for 25 years, many people got it. A few are thinking of doing the same thing next year. This pleases me.

Characters used = 1,000

PSA: Get diagnosed. Learn more about the disease. Support the cause. At: http://www.diabetes.org

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