October 5, 2009

Your Dog Freaks Me Out

I don’t believe in luck. Sure people or happenstances can seem lucky, but so what? It comes down to odds. It's why I don’t like gambling; they're against you. On Monday, they were working overtime.

While flying back from Florida, we were in a giant line to get through security. Thousands of people were trying to get through to hundreds of airport terminals. The only thing we had in common? The fact we were trying to leave Florida that morning. We could be traveling to anywhere in the world. The couple behind us was returning home to Japan. Directly in front of us, a girl had a carry-on with a puppy inside. This fascinated me. You can take live pets on a plane? Does it go through the metal detector? Where does it go on the plane? I took pictures.

We board our flight and I’m still talking about the crazy dog. At this time, it’s pointed out to me: She’s sitting in the seat directly behind me. How is that even possible? If beating the odds equals being lucky, I want a lottery ticket.

Characters used = 1,000

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