September 9, 2009

Horror Drama

I have contempt for the Final Destination movies. I saw the first one and it still strikes fear into me. I know it’s a horror movie and it’s supposed to have that effect. Unlike other horror flicks, Final Destination has two major differences for me: 1) Horror movies don’t normally scare me. I love gore and believe every film needs a proper decapitation. 2) The fear should dissipate after the movie ends. Final Destination created new idiosyncrasies for me. On every flight, I check my tray table to make sure the latch isn’t broken. One day, it will break and it will be extremely difficult to stay on the plane.

Good movies should shock you and make you question what you know. I admit that I have a strange sense of humour and a twisted definition of morality. My tastes in movies reflect that. It’s possible Final Destination struck too close to my pre-existing fear of flying. I hear the other two movies don't involve a fatal plane crash. I could watch them, but I doubt it’s worth my time.

Characters used = 1,000


  1. Wow! I never thought anyone would understand! To this day when stopping at a stop light I line my car up in a way so that if the driver next to me turns into a brain munching zombie, I should be able to permanently dismember him and/or make a daring get-a-way!
    Thank you 'Dawn of the Dead' for churning up my preexisting fear of dead people.
    and Thank you for making me feel normal about it. :) -RR
    ... also zombie babies = scary.

  2. Then definitely don't watch Twillight Zone:The Movie. Although it's great.